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AQUATEC LTD now offers design and construction of Biodesign Natural pools thanks to the technology of the Italian company Biodesign

The features that make Biodesign Pools innovative are many, beginning with limited environmental invasiveness, allowing the pool to fit perfectly in with the environment and without the use of reinforced concrete. Hence, the environment is the first to benefit from our products. The materials that are used, the waterproofing system, the weights of the structure are all a real innovation, a system to create luxury, well-being and the environment at the same time.


Designing and constructing of Biodesign swimming pool is work of art. With this technology, we can build a piece of heaven right in your backyard, garden or hotel. Be bold in your ideas and desires - it doesn’t matter if you imagine your new pool like the Maldives, like a small mountain lake or infinity pool. Biodesign technology is practically with no limits.

Our specialists from Aquatec will help you to realize your dream piece of heaven!

Just reach us!

More about the Biodesign technology can be found HERE.