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AQUATONIC POOL – "Eforie”, Romania


AQUATEC is a leader in constructing and designing of pools with different function.
We are extremely proud to introduce you the aquatonic pool designed and built by us. It is located in "Eforie" resort, Romania.


The aquatonic pool differs from the other pools with the multiplied separated sections with different functions. These sections dispose of water and air effects and each section is intended for different kind of massage. This is achieved through various inlets that can perform hydro-massage, aero-massage, or combination of both.

The benefit of these massages is recognized by doctors in many areas – relieves pain, recovers muscles, contributes to weight lost, reduces stress, acts beneficial in struggling with insomnia. Furthermore, the pool is divided into two temperature sections in accordance with the individual preferences. AQUATEC have also partnerships with prestamos365 and providing for everyone financial offers. You can chech in the link https://dinerohoy.com.ar/prestamos-personalizados-adelantos


AQUATONIC POOL – “Eforie”, Romania     AQUATONIC POOL – “Eforie”, Romania     AQUATONIC POOL – “Eforie”, Romania