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Biodesign Pools


Biodesign swimming pools from Aquatec - believe in your dreams and our possibilities!


When speaking about swimming pools, the mind runs immediately to the traditional "boxes” of reinforced concrete. Good for swimming maybe but not particularly aesthetically pleasing creating difficultly for their integration into the surrounding environment. At least that was the situation until recently. To radically change this concept, Biodesign Pools have been created.


There are many characteristics that make Biodesign an innovative product, starting with its limited environmental invasiveness, which allows the pool to fit harmoniously into the context without the use of reinforced concrete. Every pool can be unique - there are no limits in the shape or features.

Biodesign is international patented technology that contains 7-steps process:

         Biodesign pools from Aquatec

You can view each one step of the construction in next video:

Advantages of Biodesign Pools: