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Filtration unit by AQUATEC


We, AQUATEC are happy to present you a ready solution for your pool – a filtration unit.


It is a complete construction consisted of a sand filter (including filtration media) with 6-way valve, a pump, three valves ф50 and a control panel. The main advantages of the filtration unit are:


It should be borne in mind that the recommended distance between the pool and the filtration unit is desirable to be no more than 5 meters. In order to complete the installation you will also need skimmers, wall inlets, main drains and PVC pipes with diameter ф50 for each of the three lines.


With over 20 years of experience in the field of the pools we, AQUATEC can state with confidence that the domestic pools are mainly between 30 and 50 cubic meters. Therefore the pump, filter and PVC pipes of the "Standard” filtration unit are appropriate exactly for pools with such volume. If your pool is with different dimensions do not hesitate to contact us at tel: 052 575 000. Our specialist will kindly recommend you the most appropriate ingredients which will fit perfectly to your pool.



You can order the filtration unit for pool at Poolshop.bg – our online store