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Termofor - new sauna stoves from Aquatec





pechka sauna heklaAQUATEC is proud to announce that this month it launched on the market the brand of Termofor - high quality Russian stoves for sauna and bathrooms!


Termofor is a leader in the field of stoves and offers very high quality products which are suitable both for family bathrooms and larger sauna rooms. In recent years, Termafor has become a leader on the Russian market and one of the world’s largest exporters in this field.


Let us briefly present the models of Termofor offered by AQUATEC. They can be divided provisionally in 3 types:





The stoves which the company manufactures are made of high quality steel and their main components are made of heatproof high-alloy stainless steel AISI 409 with thickness 2-3 mm.


AQUATEC recommends it current and future clients to take advantage of the excellent offers of Termofor which can be found in our online shop - Poolshop.bg.


Whether you need a stove for a small room with or a large sauna, Termofor is the right choice. Take advantage today!