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AQUATEC Ltd. management is aware that the prosperity of the company and its stability depends on its customers. Therefore we put the customer in the center of attention of all employees of the company. We perceive the customer as a partner, so each of our associates strives to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

For this purpose, AQUATEC Ltd. management has implemented Integrated management system.

AQUATEC Ltd. management is convinced that:

For the business development in the direction we want, it is mandatory to maintain and continuously improve the Integrated Management System, according to the context of the organization and risk-based thinking embedded in its entire structure -

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018.

To achieve and maintain high standards of our products, which are used by a wide segment of customers, a Management System is required, giving full guarantees of safety, efficiency, competitiveness and quality.

Our main goal is a strategy and actions guaranteeing satisfaction of the requirements for Health and Safety at work and activities guaranteeing environmental protection, as well as achieving permanent compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements.

AQUATEC Ltd. management is aware that these goals can only be achieved with well-prepared and motivated employees. Only motivated employees can satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers. Only motivated employees will strive to keep their jobs and ensure the prosperity of the company they work for. Therefore, management will ensure their interests by:

  • Adequate remuneration, reflecting the achieved results.
  • Ensuring a healthy and better working environment. This is achieved by compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements through the implemented system, meeting the requirements of the standard OHSAS 18001.
  • Open opportunities for training and qualification.
  • Stimulating initiative and good microclimate in the company.
  • At the same time the management requires all its employees to invest maximum effort, diligence, initiative and responsibility in performing their job.

AQUATEC Ltd. management protects the interest of the company too. It seeks to develop stewardship and increase the profit of the company. The management seeks to provide sound management and development prospects for the company.

AQUATEC Ltd. management builds a policy of correct and mutually beneficial relations with its suppliers. Our guiding principle is to work with quality materials, good designs and new technologies. Therefore, we have high demands on our suppliers and we want to build long-term relationships of partnership and mutual trust with them.

AQUATEC Ltd. management has an active public position and takes a responsible approach to the environment protection, complying with all legal and regulatory requirements through a built and implemented system in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

  • We continuously monitor and evaluate environmental aspects at least once a year and with every change in work technology and regulatory framework.
  • We strictly and effectively manage the impact on environmental factors that we have with our activity.
  • We monitor and identify potential risks of adverse environmental impact and carry out strict control over this.
  • We have a responsible attitude towards the waste generated by our activities and ensure its recycling or disposal through licensed partner companies.
  • We take care to provide the best possible conditions for efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • We set annual goals for the improvement of the Environmental Management System and ensure that all employees are informed and committed to their achievement.

AQUATEC Ltd. management and employees strive to continuously find opportunities to improve the company's activities in terms of ensuring health and safety at work.

  • We carry out periodic risk assessment in terms of safety and health and take the necessary measures to eliminate hazards and reduce risk in order to prevent accidents, incidents and damage to the health of our employees.
  • We provide our employees with a safe and secure working environment and provide all necessary personal protective equipment.
  • We strictly comply with the legislative requirements regarding health and safety working conditions.
  • We perform periodic monitoring of the Safety and Health System and take measures to ensure all necessary requirements.
  • We set annual goals for improving the Occupational Health and Safety System and ensure that all associates are informed and committed to their achievement.

AQUATEC management encourages its employees to report dangerous situations so that preventive measures and corrective actions can be taken in a timely manner. Workers and employees have the right to leave the site in case of danger and are obliged to inform the management immediately.

Adherence to the Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Policy is ensured by setting specific measurable targets annually to achieve efficiency at all levels.

AQUATEC management guarantees that the above principles are known to all the company's employees, that they understand their meaning and significance and strive to perform the tasks assigned to them in accordance with these principles.