Over the past 23 years AQUATEC has always been considered a leader in the design and construction of swimming pools. Since the first pool we constructed until today we have always strived to offer our clients the best possible combination: high quality, competitive price and professionalism. This makes a trusted partner in the construction of a small family pool or a large hotel pool. What is more, where the others see problems, our team can see possibilities. Therefore, be sure that our experts will make your dreams come true and will design the pool you have always wanted!


The completing a project AQUATEC LTD allows its clients to make a maintenance subscription. It includes:


In 21st century family pools have increasingly turned from luxury to a normal acquisition in the yard. If you have decided to equip you house with an elegant pool, do not forget that it is important to coordinate the functionality and the architecture of the pool with the professionals of AQUATEC. Thus you can take maximum advantage of the opportunities for sports, swimming, entertainment, children’s games, relaxation and coolness provided by the facility.


AQUATEC is a distributor of a range of accessories and professional equipment for pools. Over the years, our company has set up relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps, filters, heaters, disinfection systems, etc. Therefore, we can offer a broad selection of high quality and efficient products for your pool.


If you have questions or want to be a proud owner of a modern pool do not hesitate to contact us at 052/575000 today! AQUATEC is the reliable partner for making your dreams come true!

Wave Resort - Aheloy
Wave Resort - Aheloy