AQUATONIC POOL - Eforie, Romania

Project Name: AQUATONIC POOL - Eforie, Romania
Type: Spa & Wellness

The Aquatonic pool in the "Eforie" resort, Romania is an extraordinary indoor pool among its kind. There are twelve separate zones and each of them is equipped for a different kind of hydrotherapy.

The pool disposes of numerous different water and air effects, inlets and geysers that contribute to the therapeutic effect and the pleasant experience of visitors. In these zones are performed hydro-massage and air-massage or combination of both. Zones with different water temperatures are set apart.

There is a group of water fitness equipment (they improve tonus, muscle rehabilitation and accelerate regeneration after traumatic injuries); water umbrella (provides massage of the head, back and shoulders); specialized seats for massage in the region of the waist, nates and limbs. The largest zone in the pool is intended for swimming and it is notable with so called “hydro-jet” which provides resistance to the floater against it.