Musical dancing fountain in Panagyurishte

Project Name: Musical dancing fountain in Panagyurishte
Type: Fountain

The musical dancing fountain in Panagyurishte is the only of its kind on the Balkans. The fountain is equipped with water cannons launching water column with a height of 30 meters for hundredth of a second and water screen measuring 30 x15 m. Using a powerful video projector effects developed on the basis of video mapping are broadcasted on the water screen.

All effects of the fountain are automatically controlled. The complete equipment includes 145 inlets, 171 LED spotlights with total power of 6000W, 22 pumps with total power of 110 kW and software that synchronizes music, motion and light.


Scope of performance: design, construction, delivery and installation of technological equipment, complete synchronization of the music program and "choreography" of the facility.