Spa Therapies




As one of the market leaders, the company AQUATEC has built or participated in the construction of a number of sites for spa treatments and therapies. Some of these include innovative technologies and premises for more exotic treatments such as:


Our commitment to offer the Bulgarian market more and more new and less familiar technologies is one of the prerequisites that have led to this AQUATEC to win several awards for SPA innovation. Moreover, in its desire to help the ever growing range of customers, we offer products and solutions for large SPA centers, as well as for smaller home SPA facilities. This is another reason, when it comes to the sauna, hydrotherapy and SPA, to trust the experience and professionalism of our specialists.


If you are already the proud owner of a sauna or a room for therapy, in our online store you can find numerous accessories and professional equipment for SPA. Thus, you can order quickly and easily - without undue wandering and searching.


Do not compromise on quality and trust our 20 years of experience on the market!